Roadmap: our plans for Glitch Goons updates

P1: Launch MVP

First mobile multi-blockchain game Glitch Goons goes live on December 1st, 2018. Coming to Play Market (Android) and Web. 

P2: Launch EOS

Enabling EOS support that will grant our players more flexibility in their payments.

P3: Analytics-based improvements

We`ll analyze and improve our in-game user experience complimented by some bug fixing. A couple of new features will be added as well, e.g. duel mode, gear set synergy etc. We appreciate our players' feedback.

P4: Launch in China

With the help of our Chinese partners we will provide our localized app exclusively to a number of platforms. The web version will also be available in Chinese. The bigger the community - the more interesting the fights become. 

P5: ERC-20 & EOS

Glitch Goons will go public on exchange with its ETH (ERC-20) and EOS coins. Following our initiative and agreements with one of exchange, a protocol of EOS coins listing will be added for the first time, also making us the first to operate it at the stock exchange.

P6: New blockchains

Integrating even more of the promising blockchains to reach a wider audience. We are looking into our cooperation with NEO and some other young but quickly developing platforms. Since the blockchain technology is very young it can take quite some time to figure out all the technical moments. Luckily, being for more than a year on such a young market (that is just slightly older than our company) gives us some expertise in choosing the right trend to follow.