How to Use MetaMask

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used as a browser add-on. It's provides an easy way to transfer Ethereum (ETH) or ERC-20 tokens within the Ethereum network.

a. Visit and choose your browser from the list of the browsers that support MetaMask, (for this tutorial we will be using Google Chrome.)

Metamask plugin

b. Click 'Add to Chrome', and you will see a confirmation window:

Add extention

c. After you've installed the browser add-on, click the MetaMask icon in your browser's upper right corner. You will then see the MetaMask window.

d. To create a wallet, set a password (with eight characters or more), and click 'Create'.

Metamask password

e. After you've entered your password, the website will offer you 12 recovery words that can be used if you happen to lose access to the service. You should save these words in a secure place (keeping access codes on your personal computer or mobile device is not recommended.)

Metamask seed

f. Once you have saved your access codes, you're ready to use your wallet!

Metamask installed

a. Click on the MetaMask icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Metamask icon

b. You will see the MetaMask window. Type the password you created when you set up your wallet.

Metamask login

a. Go to the Coinbase exchange: and create a user account.

Coinbase signup

b. Go through the user photo identification process.

c. Click 'Add payment method' on the payment methods page.

Coinbase payment method

  • Choose a card and add your credit card details.
  • Click 'Accept' and 'Allow Coinbase to make two test transactions'.
  • Your chosen credit card will be charged with two payments ranging from $1.01 to $1.99.
  • Enter these two sums on your Coinbase account page under the 'Payment page' line.
  • Now your credit card is linked to the Coinbase exchange.

d. Once your credit card is linked to the exchange website, you can start buying Ethereum.

  • Go to your Dashboard and choose Ethereum.
  • Go to the 'Buy/Sell' tab.
    Coinbase buy
  • Choose the amount of Ethereum you wish to buy and choose the payment method.
  • Then click 'Make the transaction'.

e. Congratulations! You now have some Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

g. Please note that your credit card will be charged with a commission of 3.99% for each transaction. You can read more on the Coinbase transaction commissions here.

a. Go to your dashboard, where all your items are listed. When you click 'Save' you will see a pop-up window with a list of items.

b. A blank space where the chosen item will appear.

c. Click on the item you want to save to the blockchain, then the 'Save' button will become active.

d. Now click 'Save', and you will see the MetaMask confirmation window. This window has the transaction cost and three buttons: Reset, Submit, and Reject. To confirm the transaction you need to click Submit.

Metamask confirm transaction

e. Once the transaction is processed, your item will be saved to the blockchain and will appear in your wallet.