Game Coin

Game coin

GameCoin (GC) is the premium hard currency used in all Ether Dale games. It is an ERC-20 token (a type of token standard) issued by Ether Dale specifically to be used in Glitch Goon’s in-game economy.

The GameCoin economy is directly tied to the US dollar, and GameCoin will be listed as a cryptocurrency on an online cryptocurrency exchange. Ether Dale has issued 10,000,000 GameCoin tokens so far, and one GameCoin equals 0.005 ETH.

GC tokens can be acquired in-game and traded for real money. Players can buy them on an exchange, on our website, or through the Google Play store. In the near future, players will also be able to sell their in-game items for GC through the marketplace.

Players can get GC tokens as a reward in specific tournaments. These tournaments run for a limited amount of time. In order to participate, players must pay an entry fee in CG. If the player wins the tournament, they get their entry fee back with interest (depending on the tournament and the initial payment made) as a reward.

GC tokens can also be used to buy chests with in-game items (including legendary items), stock up on the in-game soft currency (Cash), or craft legendary items.

When the player spends GC, the tokens are returned to Ether Dale and listed on the exchange site and on our website, where other players can buy them.