Game modes


A League is a set of 14 opponents whom you must defeat to get to the next stage. Each League is formed for every player individually. The League only starts when there are 14 opponents found for the player in question.

You start each League at the 15th place in the League chart. When you defeat an opponent, you move one place up, while the defeated opponent takes your previous place. To win the League, you have to either defeat all of its players in a series of consecutive fights, or take on each League player individually and win no less than 10 fights within a set period of time (equals to holding the 5th place in the League chart). In this case you get transferred to the next League when the timer goes off.

Individual fights can be started many times, but you can only win once. All the fights are against the opponents you have not yet defeated.

When you win a League, you get a loot chest with in-game items as a reward. If you are online at the moment, you can collect your reward once the League timer goes off. Alternatively, you can get your reward the first time you log into the game after the League timer has gone off.



Duel Mode is the ultimate fighting mode, where you bet and win GameCoin. You will be able to convert GameCoin into real money later on, so the Duel Mode is one of your opportunities to earn some dough while playing ‘Glitch Goons’.

The first thing you do when you open the Duel Mode window is making a bet. You will be able to choose the amount of GameCoin you want to bet on this particular fight. If you don’t have enough GameCoin, our system will offer you to buy some (e.g. for the money you have deposited to your in-game account).

After making the bet, you wait for an opponent. The opponent is chosen from the pool of players who have also expressed their wish to duel. In the Duel Mode you fight real players who bet their own money, just like you. The waiting time is five minutes. If no opponents have shown up, your bet is off (returns to you in full), and you can try again later.

If an opponent shows up, you have five minutes to accept the dueling challenge. If you fail to accept it or just leave the Duel Mode page, your opponent automatically wins and gets your bet.

If you want to accept the dueling challenge, press ‘FIGHT’. The duel will start, and you can watch your fighter attack, defend, strike, and eventually win or lose.

The winner pays a commission of 2 GameCoin and gets all the bets. This can be a lot of money, so if you want to win in the Duel Mode, you better start gearing up your fighters now!