GameCoin (GC) will be listed on exchange where players can change their GC tokens to fiat money or several cryptocurrencies. It will come Q2 2019 as per our Roadmap.
We are researching the possibility of releasing an iOS version. According to our Roadmap it would happen in year 2019.
Glitch Goons is a new project of the Ether Quest game developer Ether Dale. (Ether Quest is a blockchain fantasy RPG game, the very first project of Ether Dale. For more details about the game, visit https://ether-quest.com )
Ether Quest players will get bonuses in Glitch Goons two stages:
  1. Known quantity of GameCoin (GC) tokens has been presented to existing Ether Quests players depending on the sum of power and level of all gamer’s cards - as of December 1st, 2018.
  2. There will be perks in Glitch Goons, from Q1 2019, levels ranging between 0% and 100%. One of the perks will be exclusively available for Ether Quest players only, its level depends on the number of player cards: 1 Warrior (card) = 1%. The highest possible percentage is 100%.