About the Game

Glitch Goons is a blockchain game for mobile developed in 2018 by Estonian company Ether Dale.

The game is a PvP automatic fighting game in which players can customize and upgrade their characters. Imagine a virtual fight club set on a distant planet of – Garthorix – where cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters battle each other over resources and power.

The warriors wear armor and use various weapons. They can also be equipped with modules, which upgrade their attack and/or defensive abilities. So far there are five types of fighter characters in the game, representing five different types of combat tactics. These tactics form a system of balance similar to the rock-paper-scissors set-up.


Every fighter has their own stats (health/hit points, strength, speed). These stats are increased with every level-up in amounts predetermined by the nature of every character. For instance, strong characters upgrade their strength, fast ones their speed, etc.

Players don’t have any manual control over the fighting. Their talent and mastery go into assessing their characters’ tactics, equipping and upgrading them properly to fight. That said, no two fights are the same, since every character has a hidden ‘luck’ stat, which can play a significant role in the outcome.

Players make their way up the league system. Every league competition takes two days of fighting. Once you’ve made it to the top of your current league, you are automatically transferred to the next one. Another way of getting transferred to a higher league is to stay among the top six fighters of your current league before the timer is up. When you get transferred, you receive bonus loot boxes as a reward.


Players can take part in premium tournaments. In order to enlist, you need to pay an entrance fee in GameCoin. Every tournament has a substantial prize pool your fighter may win if you upgrade and equip them right. The more you invest and upgrade your character, the higher your chances of winning the prize!

Players can buy unique in-game characters or items that offer significant boosts for cryptocurrencies. Glitch Goons is one of the first multi-blockchain mobile games on the market, supporting a whole range of cryptocurrencies.

If regular in-game items meet certain requirements, players can convert them into blockchain items. The blockchain holds irreversible proof of ownership for each and every item (no one can take a blockchain item away from you), and you can sell your items to other players and/or exchange them for other blockchain items. 

In making Glitch Goons, we aim to bring the mobile and blockchain gaming communities together by providing a common ground with unique in-game characters and items that are tokenizable on the blockchain. Our goal is to demonstrate that you can dive in right away, without having to read through pages of technological documentation first. Just sit back and start playing!

Once you get into Glitch Goons, you will see that blockchain technology makes your gaming experience way more interesting and fun, even if you don't know anything about blockchains or cryptocurrency at all!