How it works

GLITCH GOONS is a mobile fighting game with blockchain elements, developed in 2018 by the Estonian game developer Ether Dale. It is one of the first games – mobile or browser-based – to support more than one blockchain.



  • This is a PvP automatic fighting game in which players customize and upgrade their characters.
  • The fighting characters are anthropomorphic, armor-bearing, weapon-wielding animals, who wear armor and operate various weapons. They can be equipped with modules, which upgrade their attack and/or defense abilities. So far there are five types of fighter characters in the game, representing five different combat tactics.
  • Every fighter has their own stats (health/hit points, strength, speed). These stats are increased with every level-up in amounts predetermined each character’s nature. For instance, strong characters upgrade their strength, fast ones their speed, etc.
  • Players don’t have any manual control over the fighting. Their talent and mastery go into assessing their characters’ tactics and equipping and upgrading them properly to fight the others. That said, no two fights are the same, since every character has a hidden ‘luck’ stat, which can play a significant part in the outcome.
  • Players make their way up the league system. Every league takes two days of fighting. Once you’ve made it to the top of your current league, you are automatically transferred to the next one. You also receive bonus loot boxes as a reward.



  • Aggressor is equipped with the head of a common Garthorix predator resembling the terrestrial wolf.
  • Protector’s body is enhanced with the genes of a large Garthorix reptile, not unlike a terrestrial dinosaur.
  • Velorex is based on a small predator with a poisonous tail, which was widespread in Garthorix prior to colonization
  • Sapirex is a crossbreed between the indigenous Garthorix and a humanoid mammal similar to the terrestrial chimpanzee.
  • Levionix is based on a large bird of prey from Garthorix.



Deposit & Cash-out

To make your gaming experience more convenient, we have created an in-game deposit system.

You can deposit cryptocurrencies (ETH, EOS, etc.) or just regular US dollars to your in-game account. You can use it later to buy GameCoin, pay tournament entry fees, and more. You are not purchasing anything by depositing the money: it will simply be stored in your in-game account. If you've made a deposit by mistake, or just want it back, you can cash it out immediately. 

When you buy GameCoin from your in-game account, we create an in-game wallet for you. This wallet contains your GameCoin as well as any other crypto or regular currencies you have deposited. When you make any in-game transaction with GameCoin, it is charged to your wallet. If you don't have enough GameCoin in your wallet to make the transaction, you will get the reminder to buy more GC, and you will be able to choose to pay in a currency that you do have in your wallet.

This means you won't have to pay the gas price for every blockchain transaction you make in the game. You pay for gas once – when you cash out.

If you cash out and transfer your GameCoin to any other crypto wallet, the gas price is automatically subtracted, either from the amount you cash out (if you want to cash out everything), or from your remaining deposit (if there is anything left there). The same happens when you cash out ETH, or any other cryptocurrency you've got.

Please note that you can only transfer ETH to the one and only wallet you have linked to your in-game account. This is done for security reasons: if your in-game account is hacked, the hacker will not be able to transfer the money to any other wallet but the one you linked when you registered.


Transferring items to the blockchain

When an in-game item is transferred to the blockchain (or “tokenized”), the transaction guarantees that the item's tier and rarity are saved permanently.

Once an in-game item has been tokenized, it becomes your private property. You can use the item in the game, or give it as a gift to another player, or sell on online markets like We no longer have any control over what you do with the item; we cannot change its parameters or take it out of the game. 


Converting GameCoin into real money

You cannot convert GameCoin into fiat directly from our game. The only way it can be done is through an online cryptocurrency exchange.

At the moment, GameCoin has not listed on any exchanges, but we are working to launch. We hope to have GameCoin listed there in early 2019. You can visit our Facebook / Twitter / Ether Dale website for the latest details related to GameCoin exchange listings.


ETH & EOS in one game world

Both the Ethereum and EOS blockchains are available to our players. You can choose either ETH or EOS when you pay for in-game items, and you can choose either of the blockchains to transfer your items to. You cannot transfer an item into both blockchains at once though, you must choose one or the other.