'Glitch Goons' Are Here to Fight and Win!

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'Glitch Goons' Are Here to Fight and Win!

Ether Dale is the developer team behind Glitch Goons, a new free-to-play game based on player versus player combat with blockchain elements in the gameplay.

Glitch Goons features cybernetic animal-humanoid characters who fight each other in a futuristic vaporwave atmosphere. The game has an advanced character stats customization and management system. 

This is an auto-fighting game, which means you don't have any manual control over the fighting itself. Your skills and mastery go into assessing your character's stats and gearing them up to fight and win against stronger opponents. 

When you win, you get loot chests with various gear items as a reward, which helps you to make your character even stronger. 

Start fighting now and get to be the coolest cybernetic animal in the Glitch Goons universe!