Ether Quest AirDrop Is On!

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'Ether Quest' AirDrop Is On!

Great news for Ether Quest players, there are bonuses waiting for you in our new game Glitch Goons!

On December 1st, 2018 the Glitch Goons game was launched. 27 lucky Ether Quest players received GameCoins (GC) to their Ethereum wallets. The amount of GameCoins received depended on the sum total of all the player's cards (their Level and Power.) To make sure if the GameCoin (GC), ERC-20 tokens are in your wallet, please add the GC token to your MetaMask. The Token address is as follows:


GameCoin (GC), the premium hard currency, can be used in Glitch Goons's in-game economy.

The players got GameCoins (GC) regardless if they have already registered in Glitch Goons or not. To begin to use GC in Glitch Goons players need to register in the game and then connect their wallet with GC to their in-game account.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at: .

There is another bonus yet to come exclusively for Ether Quest players who register in Glitch Goons that will provide a significant in-game boost!

Stay tuned to find out what the bonus will be, and be the first to get it!