Christmas EOS Offer

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Christmas EOS Offer

The holiday season on Garthorix starts on the day when the orbits of the two suns coincide, so that the suns merge in the planet's sky for a split second. This is called Glitchmas, and it is the time when feasts, plunder, and brawls begin all over the new world.

The history of Glitchmas is rather interesting and worth telling. It goes back to the mythical olden times of the XXI century when, according to the few eldest minds on Garthorix, the population of planet Earth had this absurd feast called Merryxmas. As legend has it, this was the time when people subdued their consciousness by all kinds of synthetic and organic substances and roamed the streets trashing food stands and bars and collecting free bodies which were just lying around in the streets and parks after midnight.

In the days leading up to the ancient feast of Merryxmas the most popular tradition was looting. People broke into huge facilities called 'department stores' and fought to the death for gear and weapons they could loot them for.

Glitchmas Looting is big on Garthorix too: this is the time when Citizens of Garthorix treat themselves to new carriers, gear, and weapons. Some try to honor the ancient tradition and get it all by force (and thus for free). But it is far safer to just pay for your Glitchmas loot, because every manufacturer, lab manager, and shop owner on Garthorix gets ready for the Glitchmas Looting season with their best and most powerful laser cannons. And nobody wants to die before Glitchmas is over.

Now seriously: 'Ether Dale' is proud to announce the first step of integrating the EOS blockchain into 'Glitch Goons'! Now players can buy in-game items and GameCoins for EOS, use the Scatter Wallet within the 'Glitch Goons' system, and track their in-game EOS transactions in personal accounts.

“Integrating the EOS blockchain, along with ETH and the conventional Google Pay system, makes for a multi-tier and multi-blockchain asset management system,” as Executive Director of 'Ether Dale' Sergey Labutin states. “We provide the 'Glitch Goons' players with a free-to-play experience which is a natural gateway to all the perks of any blockchain they choose. This solution is available for the entire blockchain game industry.”

To kick off the holidays and celebrate the integration of EOS into 'Glitch Goons', 'Ether Dale' is offering an exclusive ‘Glitchmas’ sale of nine unique ‘Brutal’ gear items, available for EOS only. The sale starts on December 24, 2018, and runs until January 10, 2019.


To purchase exclusive items visit Glitchmas Shop!