Glitch Goons


'Glitch Goons' takes place in the year 2690. A centuries-old nuclear war has wiped almost everything off the face of the Earth. Descendants of the survivors now live in bunker cities underground, doomed to die from lack of water and oxygen. Their only hope is getting to a distant colony on the planet of Garthorix.

The only way to get there is through a system called the 'Transposition Channel'; which enables human minds to be transposed from their physical bodies on Earth,into the bodies of 'carrier' on Garthorix.

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Thu, 02/28/2019 - 15:35

Have you ever battled in a cyberpunk futuristic world with an 80’s theme design? Or are you already on the TOP gamers list and ready to share your experience? Then we want you for the Glitch Goons Competition!



So far there are five types of fighter characters in the game, representing five different types of combat tactics.


Glitch Goons is a PVP automatic game in which players upgrade their characters. Players don’t have any manual control over the fighting. Their talent and mastery go into assessing their characters’ tactics and equipping and upgrading them properly to fight the others.

Every fighter has their own stats (health/hit point, strenght, speed). These stats are increased with wvery level-up in amounts predetermined by the nature of every character. For intance, strong characters upgrade their strenght, fast ones their speed, etc.

The warriors wear armor and use various weapons. They can also be equipped with modules, which upgrade their attack and/or defensive abilities. So far there are five types of fighter charactesr in the game, represnting five different types of combat tactics.


This biocyborg is equipped with the head of a common Garthorix predator resembling the terrestrial wolf. It performs well in close combat, charging and defending itself with the same power and dexterity of the wolf. With luck, it can knock down its opponents with a single strike of its solid cyber arm. The Aggressor is always thirsty for blood.

Hidden perk: Stunning opponents once in several strikes.

Model range: Aggressor X, Aggressor Х100, Aggressor Х200.


This biocyborg is based on a small predator with a poisonous tail, which was widespread in Garthorix prior to colonization. Although the Velorex has almost no natural defenses and very little strength, they compensate by having great speed and agility. The Velorex moves fast and strikes like a lightning. 

Hidden perk: Poisoning the opponent causing them to lose some of their health.

Model range: Velorex Z, Velorex ZZ, Velorex ZZZ.


This biocyborg is a crossbreed between the indigenous Garthorix and a humanoid mammal resembling the terrestrial chimpanzee. In combat, the Sapirex does not only use its own body but also takes advantage of advanced technological tools. This gives the Sapirex an edge in winning in combat against stronger and faster opponents. When wounded, the Sapirex can go berserk and strike with unprecedented strength and precision, which makes this biocyborg really hard to kill. 

Hidden perk: Critical hit strike after having suffered any damage in combat.

Model range: Sapirex 1.0, Sapirex 2.0, Sapirex 3.0.


This biocyborg's body is enhanced with the genes of a large Garthorix reptile, not unlike a terrestrial dinosaur. While lacking agility and speed, the Protector has great strength and features a solid natural armor. It takes some time for it to get into the killing mood, but once it does, the Protector can be unstoppable and crush its opponent with a series of heavy strikes.

Hidden perk: Increased damage for a number of strikes once the perk has come into play.

Model range: Protector, Protector Force, Protector Turbo Force.


This biocyborg is based on a large bird of prey from Garthorix. The Levionix is the only 'carrier' that can levitate and control power weapons. Its weak defence is balanced by a highly developed intellect and attack range. The Levionix can strike from a distance without the need to be close to their opponent. In critical situations the Levionix can regenerate and regain some of its strength due to its enhanced hormone control cyber system.

Hidden perk: Self-healing when exerting or receiving a critical hit strike.

Model range: Levionix Pro, Levionix Pro-I, Levionix Pro-II.