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  • FREE-to-play MOBILE and WEB
  • One of the first multi-blockchain mobile games ever
  • PvP auto fight game
  • Customize and upgrade your characters
  • Become the greatest warrior of all times


  • 5 fighting types with their own pros and cons
  • No two fights are similar, even with the same opponent
  • Use your mastery and combine your type tactics, gear and upgrades to become top-notch
  • Get cool items fighting your way up the League
  • Challenge other players to duels with high stakes


  • 5 tiers of rarity (common, rare, epic, unique – class-restricted items –, legendary items)
  • Every gear item is upgradable
  • Collect gear sets to get a bonus in stats
  • The more same-set items you have, the bigger is the bonus
  • Convert items to blockchain to trade them with other players and complete your sets

Roadmap – our plans about Glitch Goons updates

P1: Game Launch

Release of the first multi-blockhain game. Coming to Web and Android (Play market).2

P2: EOS support

Enabling our players to convert EOS to GameCoins.3

P3: December update

UX improvements, bug-fixing and  a couple of new features.4

P4: Launch in China

Premier launch for Chinese gamers in local markets.5

P5: Going public

GameCoin will be listed on ETH(ERC-20) and EOS exchanges.6

P6: New blockchain platforms

Our game will support more of the most promising blockchains. Several betting providers will allow betting on the game. Bettors can choose a betting provider that offers good bonuses. Visit to find the best betting providers that come with attractive bonuses.

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