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  • FREE-to-play MOBILE and WEB
  • One of the first multi-blockchain mobile games ever
  • PvP auto fight game
  • Customize and upgrade your characters
  • Become the greatest warrior of all times


  • 5 fighting types with their own pros and cons
  • No two fights are similar, even with the same opponent
  • Use your mastery and combine your type tactics, gear and upgrades to become top-notch
  • Get cool items fighting your way up the League
  • Challenge other players to duels with high stakes


  • 5 tiers of rarity (common, rare, epic, unique – class-restricted items –, legendary items)
  • Every gear item is upgradable
  • Collect gear sets to get a bonus in stats
  • The more same-set items you have, the bigger is the bonus
  • Convert items to blockchain to trade them with other players and complete your sets. With the rising popularity of blockchain, bitcoin casinos are becoming popular in countries in Malaysia. Try to find the best providers for online gambling in Malaysia to enjoy a safe gambling experience.

Roadmap – our plans about Glitch Goons updates

P1: Game Launch

Release of the first multi-blockhain game. Coming to Web and Android (Play market).2

P2: EOS support

Enabling our players to convert EOS to GameCoins.3

P3: December update

UX improvements, bug-fixing and  a couple of new features.4

P4: Launch in China

Premier launch for Chinese gamers in local markets.5

P5: Going public

GameCoin will be listed on ETH(ERC-20) and EOS exchanges.6

P6: New blockchain platforms

Our game will support more of the most promising blockchains. Several betting providers will allow betting on the game. Bettors can choose a betting provider that offers good bonuses. Visit to find the best betting providers that come with attractive bonuses.

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